These Are The Stars That Share Your Astrological Sign

Ever wanted to know which stars have the same astrological sign as you? Find out right now.

1. Aries:

Like Victoria Beckham, you are always in action. You fight for what you want.

2. Taurus:

Like Cate Blanchett. This beauty you get from Venus blends with your calm and balanced temperament.

3. Gemini:

Like Johnny Depp. Playful, light and funny. Things are never boring with you!

4. Cancer:

Like Tom Cruise. You are sensitive, fragile. You shake up the people around you, but you are also capricious.

5. Leo:

Like Jennifer Lopez. It's impossible not to notice you! You love to attract attention to yourself.

6. Virgo:

Like Hugh Grant. You are organized, meticulous, you know exactly which way to go.

7. Libra:

Like Kim Kardashian. Balance, a taste for aesthetics, you take care of your appearance to win over everyone.

8. Scorpio:

Like Ryan Gosling. At once mysterious and passionate, it's impossible to ignore this naturally sexy demeanor.

9. Sagittarius:

Like Taylor Swift. You are optimistic, sincere and you love discovering new cultures.

10. Capricorn:

Like Omar Sy. Patient, tenacious and cold-blooded, you have everything you need to succeed!

11. Aquarius:

Like Shakira. You are the original and avant-garde one of the band, always ready to venture into unknown territory.

12. Pisces:

Like Eva Longoria. You are hypersensitive and benevolent, you form close relationships. You are the most creative sign.

Check out the video above for more on the celebs you share your star sign with!

These Are The Celebs That Share Your Star Signs These Are The Celebs That Share Your Star Signs