These are the most emotionally unavailable zodiac signs

While other factors work behind a person being emotionally unavailable or distant, astrology can still help you figure out who is more likely to be emotionally unavailable.

Apart from other factors influencing a person to be distant from their emotions, our zodiac signs affect us too in this regard. This comes as some zodiac signs are wired to be more independent, cold and free-spirited than others. For instance, if you’re wired to be independent more than others, you may not put your emotional connections as a priority while making significant decisions. Thus, YourTango confirms these personality traits can actually make a person emotionally distant. Here are the most emotionally unavailable zodiac signs.


Aries are super focused on what they want in life and while that might be great on the career front, it isn't happy news for their partners. This zodiac sign doesn’t want to be emotionally unavailable, but they often get too caught up in taking the lead position and being in charge of their life that their emotional connections suffer because of it. As such, they can be labelled as emotionally unavailable or uncaring. In cases where these zodiac signs have been heartbroken, they play cool and act indifferent on purpose to save their heart.

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Gemini’s comfort zone is their mind and not their heart. This zodiac sign will take the first exit when it comes to emotions as they fear being rejected. Geminis are always looking for a casual time rather than a serious relationship as they fear they can be dumped by their partner for someone else. The zodiac's twin loves with mind and knows just the right time to step back before they get too deep in any connection. However, their dual personality always wants a loving relationship which makes them give mixed signals to people.

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Being one of the most adventurous and free-spirited zodiac signs in astrology, a Sagittarius would prefer wandering off in the woods than having a heart-to-heart conversation with someone. They always want to be on the go and even they know an emotional connection would only slow down their pace. That doesn’t mean relationships are not of value for this zodiac sign, but their freedom and independence take priority over anyone’s feelings or even their own at times. They don’t have the time to look after the emotional neediness of their own self, let alone anyone else.

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