These Are The Celebs That Share Your Star Signs

These stars have all the qualities associated with their astrological sign...

Aries - Emma Watson

With her big personality and strong opinions she stands by, Emma Watson is a true Aries.

Taurus - Penelope Cruz

That's where she gets that innate sensuality and fire from.

Gemini - Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman has multiple personalities. It is not surprising that she was chosen to play the main part in Black Swan.

Cancer - Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is a man of values and a hard worker.

Leo - Madonna

It's obvious that Madonna is a Leo, as her love of the stage and her taste for shock value allowed her to become an international artist.

Virgo - Cameron Diaz

Calmness, caution and at the same time, the courage to defend her principles - Cameron Diaz certainly draws these qualities from her astrological sign.

Libra - Will Smith

Will Smith has a strong sense of justice. He loves beauty above all else.

Scorpio - Ryan Gosling

Just watch him in Drive, with a Scorpion on his back, and you'll notice his simultaneously mysterious and sensual personality. This role is perfect for him.

Sagittarius - Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is fun-loving and self-confident - a classic Sag.

Capricorn - Kate Middleton

Kate is hard-working, committed and practical.

Aquarius - Beth Ditto

This singer is very independent both in terms of music and in her personal style.

Pisces - Rihanna

Rihanna is a great artist characterized by a splendid sensitivity that he knows how to share with us.

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These Are The Stars That Share Your Astrological Sign These Are The Stars That Share Your Astrological Sign