These Are The 5 Most Jealous Star Signs Out There

Do you get jealous with your partner? If you are one of the five most jealous signs of the zodiac, the answer is probably yes!


Usually calm and serene in their relationships, Cancers can quickly get on their high horse if they have a reason to be jealous. Very loyal in love and slightly possessive, they have difficulties with treason. Beware of them if you try to play them. He will have a hard time forgiving you.


Level-headed and patient with their partners, people born under Taurus will see red when you stab them in the back. Trusting others very easily, this sign can also quickly take their trust back and never give it to you again. It's best to tread lightly with them, or risk getting knocked with their horns!


This sign is not always tender in love. Or rather, they are. But don't even think about betraying them, because otherwise, you will have a hard time making up with them. Anxious and uncompromising, Aries would like others to have the same righteousness as them in love. So when they feel that you are not 100% honest with them, they do not hesitate to fly into a jealous rage.


Geminis generally have limitless patience. Until the day they explode! And it really isn't pretty! Reasonably jealous, natives of the sign of Gemini do not like to deal with unreliable people. And they will never hesitate to let you know.


Beware, this sign stings! Sure, Scorpios are big romantics, who when they love, put all their passion into the relationship. It's best to be on the same wavelength as them if you do not want to suffer their vengeance.

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This Is How Each Star Sign Acts When They're Jealous This Is How Each Star Sign Acts When They're Jealous