These Are The 3 Neediest Star Signs Out There

While some signs know how to detach themselves from their feelings, others have more trouble doing so. Find out if you are one of the most emotional astrological signs.

These Are The 3 Neediest Star Signs Out There
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1. Cancer:

You are a sensitive person, very in touch with your emotions. You have nothing but love to give and you only hope for one thing, to receive it in return.

You are afraid of being rejected, so you do everything you can to please others.

Try to work on this personality trait so as not to suffer anymore.

2. Pisces:

You are known to be a big dreamer, so you often take refuge in a bubble to escape a reality that is sometimes hard to bear. But you also have great intuition, which allows you to anticipate many things.

You depend a lot on others' opinions and showing emotions is often seen as a weakness. But there are not only bad sides to being emotionally dependent. You have so many beautiful qualities!

Do not let others make you believe otherwise.

3. Scorpio:

You try so hard to hide your sensitivity by all means possible. What comes out? Cynicism, aggressiveness and even malice.

But when we know you, we know that you are just defending yourself in your own way. In short, your emotions run your life, it's obvious.

Do not hesitate to surround yourself with caring and optimistic people to find balance.

Check out the video above for more on the most emotionally dependent star signs...