These are 3 most innocent zodiac signs

Being innocent is one of the few traits that are rare to find in people these days. However, these zodiac signs are the ones who are always innocent.

The most innocent individuals are those who never wish to think ill of anyone. They frequently hold the opinion that all individuals are naturally good and kind because that is how they strive to be themselves. YourTango lists the zodiac signs that are most innocent on the zodiac wheel. Innocent people are unafraid, to be honest, and vulnerable and see the glass to be half full always.


They are the baby of the zodiac signs, even though they can be stubborn and reckless. They have childlike innocence and simply do what they want to. When it comes to interacting with the ways of the world, they are genuinely innocent. The innocence of Aries stems from their decision to always be true to themselves, no matter what. Instead of being cunning, dishonest, or lying to get their way, they would be open and honest about the type of person they are.

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Cancers are naive and very sensitive. Above all things, they place a high emphasis on love and emotions. They have the best of intentions; thus, they will never betray anyone. They would decide to disregard the unpleasant realities of the world and concentrate on the positive aspects. Anyone who knows Cancer well enough will realise that their harsh exterior is only a façade because they won't always show you their vulnerable side and act tough on the outside.

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A Virgo would not ever consider harming a fly. They hold themselves to the highest moral standards and think everyone has their best interests at heart. Virgos are incredibly innocent and compassionate. They always follow rules; they are not the ones to rebel unnecessarily. One of the signs of the zodiac that accepts things for what they are is Virgo. It's just the kind of person they are, so they always try to be as open and honest as they can.

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