The 5 astrological signs with the best memory

Is your memory as bad as Dory from Finding Nemo? Or do all your friends come to you to remember a small detail? It turns out, your zodiac sign may have something to do with it!


You are the sign of the zodiac with the best memory. You remember everything, even the most insignificant details. You don't need to write everything down in a notebook, you remember dates, the weather, and even what you were doing that day!


You don't have a memory like a fish, that's for sure! You manage to remember an event that happened years ago without any worries, you know who you were with and where! Why not take advantage of your great memory and look back on common events and have a laugh together with your loved ones in the evening. You start talking, and it's time for a retrospective session of the best memories!


You may forget some major events in your life, but you remember very precisely small details that seem insignificant to the rest of the world. You may appear enigmatic to those close to you who don't understand why you remember it all!


Your great memory impresses your loved ones. You remember everything, and manage to detail every past action with great precision. You are sometimes obliged to justify yourself with supporting evidence so that they believe you on so many details of the story you tell.


You have a real camera for your eyes! You remember very well who you lent something to, and when exactly. Fooling you is no mean feat!

Of course, this is just a general classification that should not be taken literally. And it is certain that the other signs have just as full a memory as the others!

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