The 3 most toxic traits of the Leo zodiac sign

All of us have some good traits and some bad ones that often become toxic. Here are the toxic traits of the zodiac sign Leo.

Leo is a fire sign so it’s natural that everything they do has fiery energy in it. The zodiac sign symbolises a lion and so these individuals are impossible to ignore. They light up every room they enter just like their ruling planet the Sun. But are they all made of good things? Probably not! YourTango talks about the toxic traits of the zodiac sign Leo and here’s what you need to know.


Leos are high on confidence, sometimes more than needed. This extreme level of self-confidence in them makes them arrogant. They have a habit of making everything about them even when it’s not. This zodiac sign is also amongst those people who dismiss others who do not have the same goals as them. They have a hard time taking advice from others as they always consider themselves superior to the world.

Arrogance BOTTLE ROCKET (1996), Columbia Pictures Gracie Films


Everyone loves attention, but not as much as Leos. The people of this zodiac sign want all the eyes on them and always want to steal the show. They don’t mind being the centre of attention and this often makes them come off as self-centred. They always go after the spotlight and are so stubborn to be the shining star all the time that if they fail to do so, they get frustrated and do things out of character.

Opinionated THE GREEN INFERNO (2014), Worldview Entertainment


One of the biggest toxic traits this zodiac sign has is being extremely opinionated. Being decisive and knowing what you want isn’t actually that bad, however, Leos tend to overdo it. Once they have made a decision, it’s nearly impossible to convince them to do otherwise. As such, they often come across as a little dominating. They want everything to be their way because that is the right way.

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