Here's The Sport That's Meant For You Based On Your Star Sign

Each sign has its strengths and weaknesses. Looking to let off steam by practicing a sport but don't know which one? Find out which sport identifies best with your astro sign.

Aries: rugby.

You need a lot of movement! As such, an active sport will be perfect for you! Do you like water? Try jet ski!

Taurus: hiking.

Or other relaxing sports to reconnect with nature, like gardening or yoga!

Gemini: dance.

The cerebral one of the band. What suits you best is a sport that requires skill. You excel at squash!

Cancer: swimming.

Diving or fishing, all sports related to water are ideal for you!

Leo: running.

You are overflowing with vitality, so why not use some of that practicing an athletic sport?

Virgo: archery.

Robin Hood style! Go with a precision sport. There are plenty to choose from!

Libra: fitness.

You like to take care of your appearance, so fitness will come in handy!

Scorpio: marathon running or boxing.

A competitive sport also allows you to be in good shape!

Sagittarius: Basketball, football or solo cycling...your pick!

But opt for a sport that moves.

Capricorn: Climbing or skiing, you like sports that require rigor.

Yup, sports are no joking matter!

Aquarius: hiking or paragliding.

Either in your element (air) or have with your feet on the ground... As long as you are not locked up!

Pisces: sailing or kayaking.

Blowing off steam while having fun is possible!

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