Here's How To Tell If He REALLY Likes You - According To His Star Sign

You have been chatting with this man for some time but how do you know if he really likes you? According to his astrological sign, here's some key signs he's really into you to look out for...

Aries: Your little Aries is straightforward and direct. If you have not noticed that he likes you, your vision must be blurry!

Taurus: He is rather discreet, but if he invites you somewhere, it's a good sign!

Gemini: Chatty and a joker, if he always teases you, you should take a hint!

Cancer: He will only rarely take the first step, so help him out and encourage him, his reaction will tell you a lot.

Leo: No doubt, if he has a crush for you, he will do anything to impress you!

Virgo: With Virgos, the signs are subtle, be patient and be on the lookout!

Libra: Libra knows how to make himself understood! Looks that say a lot, attention, compliments... so what do you think?

Scorpio: Nobody overlooks his sex appeal; his gestures and his words are explicit. You will quickly realize it if you are a match!

Sagittarius: This big flirt does not beat around the bush, in fact, he even risks going too far - be sure to let him know if he's making you uncomfortable.

Capricorn: He needs a little time, he needs to feel that he can trust you before trying to win you over!

Aquarius: He'll surprise you with spontaneous outings and he'll share his desire to escape with you... casually.

Pisces: Your beloved Pisces is very shy, so watch for clues! Body language is your best friend!

Check out the video above for more hints and tips on reading the signs!

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