Astrology: How do you want to be loved based on your zodiac sign?

Every zodiac sign needs to be loved differently and it becomes vital to understand it. Let’s tap into how your partner really wants to be loved based on their zodiac sign.

Love not expressed rightly is love wasted. Every zodiac has an innate desire of how they wish to be loved by their partner. If you understand and meet that yearning of your partner, you could build the relationship of a lifetime. Alternatively, you can understand your own self better based on your zodiac sign. This will help you know what will blossom you in love and attract precisely that in your life.


A Capricorn will act cold and aloof initially but when you show utmost dedication towards the relationship, they melt. They value long term relations and love accordingly, so don’t waste their time.


Being on the airy side of life, Aquarians will always value their independence over anything. Be patient with them. Don’t intrude on their space, or they will start to feel tied down and suffocated.


Pisceans are born hopeless romantics and crave a fairy tale love. They admire cute gestures and surprises. They’re sensitive, so treat them like a baby as even the slightest of things can pinch them.

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An Aries partner wants to be loved with a burning passion. They love to be praised and showered with words of flattery. Surprise them with impromptu plans and you’ll steal all of their affection!


This sign can be very pragmatic so don’t act too cheesy. They’re very sensual people so you can ignite sparks by casual touching and teasing. They appreciate small gifts and the efforts relating to them.


It can be tough to keep a Gemini’s attention. Therefore, they are likely to stick around someone who mentally stimulates them, teaches them new things and communicates feelings well.


There is one golden rule around Cancers: don’t rush their pace. They take their own time into things so be patient. They’re incredibly emotional and will appreciate thoughtful gestures like cute date nights.

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Leos are everything pomp and show! They love being swept off their feet by grand gestures, being flaunted and treated like high royalty so be sure to do just that!


With a Virgo, little goes a long way. Appreciate their efforts and cherish their perfectionism, that is all they ask for.


The best you can do for a Libra is give them time and attention. Make them feel wanted and prioritised, and you’ll win them over.


Scorpios keep their walls up high, so be patient and consistent to win their trust. They feel love best expressed physically, so keep things sensual and passionate.


A Sagittarius partner is strong-headed and always on the run. They want an adventurous love that feels supportive but detests feeling caged or corrected. Try your best to keep up with their pace!

Zodiac: This is your love language based on your zodiac sign Zodiac: This is your love language based on your zodiac sign