As You Turn 30, It's Not Your Star Sign But Your Ascendant That's Most Important - Here's Why

You surely know what your star sign is, but you probably don’t know your ascendant, or rising sign as it’s also known. And yet, when you turn 30, it’s your ascendant that has the real power.

Your ascendant reveals how you behave with people around you and the way that others see you.

To know what your rising sign is, you need to know your place of birth down to the day and precise time. When you have this information, you can discover the position of your rising sign when you came into the world.

The ascendant is important because when you turn thirty, you resemble this sign more than your star sign. It’s all about the ‘inner me’ and it allows us to understand ourselves and our personalities better. Your two horoscope signs may be completely opposed, but this could also mean that they are mutually reinforcing.

For example, a person born under the Aries star sign but with a Capricorn rising sign will be more likely to take a step back and analyse their environment.

Someone born under the Aries star sign with an Aries rising sign will undoubtedly be an impulsive, rash person who likes to charge into situations head on. People born under the same star sign on the same day, can have different personalities.

In fact, if they are not born at the same time and in the same place, their ascendant will not be the same and this is what explains why people behave differently.

The older we get, the more we start to resemble our rising sign. So, if you are about to cross the threshold into your thirties, it’s time to start focussing on and thinking about your rising star’s characteristics.

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