Are You Really More Likely To Give Birth On A Full Moon?

The full moon has a lot to handle... It's responsible for many positive or negative events, as much for plants and the sea as for humans. It's also well known that the moon influences the tides, hair growth, or weight loss, but legend also says that it could promote childbirth... So, myth or reality? Here's the answer:

This is a multi-millennial belief common to many civilizations. Indeed, Man quickly uncovered the parallel between the lunar cycles of a duration of 28 days and the menstrual cycle of women.

But is there really a link between the two?

The influence of the moon could be particularly positive at the end of pregnancy because it could cause a loss of water. Indeed, as it does for the tides, the moon could emit electromagnetic radiation that would cause a kind of rise of liquids in the human body.

However, according to beliefs, the moon wouldn't only have a positive influence on pregnancies, it could also be negative: difficult deliveries, miscarriages...

But according to scientific studies, there's no connection between lunar cycles and the rate of births or miscarriages.

Nevertheless, health professionals often report being overwhelmed with patients during full moon days and nights, especially in maternity wards. But it's likely that they themselves are influenced by their own beliefs.

In summary, according to science, the answer is no! So check out the lunar calendar for sleeping or doing your hair.

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