This Is What You Were Like at School According to Your Star Sign!

Were you the star of your class back in school? Or are you happily in the process of forgetting this dark period of your life when you were the laughing stock of your class? Remember, whether it was a glorious time or not, we all had a role to play at school! What was yours according to your star sign? Find out in the video above!

We often say that our school years were the best years of our lives! Of course, in hindsight, it does take a few years before we actually believe and think like this. What is for sure though, is that this time of our lives is unforgettable. And you only realise this when you get back together with your old school friends.

There is always someone who will remind you of the many hearts you broke, or the memorable laughs you had together at the back of the classroom. And that is how people often end up remembering you.

Luckily (for some), we change and evolve, whether it’s on the inside or the outside. But one thing is for sure, looking back at this period of our lives when we were so young and carefree always makes us feel so nostalgic.

So, let’s take a look back together and see what you were like at school according to your star sign! Hit the video at the top of the page and find out!

This Is What You're Like As A Student, According To Your Star Sign This Is What You're Like As A Student, According To Your Star Sign