5 Signs That You’re An Aquarius

Born between January 20th and February 19th, Aquarius live for the cold! They are known for their independence and their avant-garde nature, but what is their situation really like? Is this myth or reality? Are you an Aquarius or do you have some in your circle of friends or family? Then do the test and discover the 5 main characteristics of this Air sign in our video.

If you are able to recognise yourself or some of your loved ones, no doubt, they are an Aquarius, someone who always does everything at 100%! Being an Aquarius means that the Sun was in the Aquarius constellation at the moment when you came into the world, thus inspiring your personality and your ‘deep essence.’

Each sign has a planet called a ‘dominant;’ Aquarius is directly influenced by the planet Uranus, symbol of changes, sometimes violent ones, which can tell you a lot!

According to astrologers, a chart allows you to know everything about a person. This study requires a lot of time and energy because it involves analysing the position of all the planets at the time of birth and their interactions with each other...

Discover in our video the 5 clear signs that you are Aquarius then share it with your friends and colleagues who are of this sign who are sometimes, let’s face it, a bit individualistic!

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