5 Signs That You’re A Libra

Born between 23rd September and 22nd October, Libras are known for having a hard time making decisions, but are they really? Myth or reality? Are you a libra or do you have friends or family who are? Take the test in the video above and find out the 5 main characteristics of this air sign.

If you are a Libra yourself or know people close to you who are, you’ll know that a true Libra owns it 100%! Being a Libra means that the Sun was gravitating in the Libra constellation when you were born, thus determining your personality and your ‘inner self’.

Obviously, that isn’t enough to completely understand someone’s character, but nevertheless, it’s quite telling. According to astrologists, your horoscope allows you to find out everything about a person. Studying this takes an enormous amount of time and energy because you have to analyze the position of all the planets at the time of their birth and how they interact with those around them…

Check out the video above to find out the 5 obvious signs that you’re a Libra. You’ll probably end up finding out that you, your friends and your colleagues under this sign can sometimes be a bit superficial, let’s be honest!

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