4 most misunderstood zodiac signs

In this crazy world of judging people even before they utter a ‘Hi’, some people are more misunderstood than others. Here are the most misunderstood zodiac signs.

All of us have been misunderstood at some point or the other and maybe that’s life. But what’s problematic is when people misunderstand the same person for the same reasons all the time. It’s all a matter of perspective and it could be because of their zodiac sign. These are the 4 most misunderstood zodiac signs:


A Capricorn would never try to fit in any situation. If it doesn’t come to them naturally, they’ll not pretend to be more likeable. This makes Capricorn not only the most misunderstood sign but also the most misread, according to Bustle. As such, people around them often think that this zodiac sign is sticks in the mud. Meanwhile, Capricorns are the most sincere zodiac signs who like originality and structure. Thus, they would never try to mould themselves to suit the people around them.

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The first thing that comes to mind when we think of Geminis is someone who has two personalities. Often this sign is regarded as indecisive, moody and maliciously duplicitous people. However, the reality is far beyond it. Gemini is the social butterfly of the zodiac signs and as such like to be liked by everyone. They are people pleasers and so they come across as someone with a split personality.


Most people assume Cancers to be overly-emotional and moody, however, they are just very receptive. Most people do not understand the unpredictability of their feelings and hence give them the tag of being a baby. Cancers can be optimistic people who are nurturing.

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Scorpios are often perceived as vindictive or ruthless, it this is not always the case. This zodiac sign likes to regularly reinvent themselves which can come across as severing ties to the rest of the world. Cindy Mckean confirms:

Shrouded in mystery, they tend to be misunderstood. But that's OK because this works out the way Scorpio likes it.

Scorpios enjoy being an enigma and will love anyone who can crack their surface and know the real them.

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