Ancient long lost temple dedicated to the sun god Ra has been discovered

The ruins of a temple dedicated to the sun god Ra were discovered by archaeologists during an excavation.

In the necropolis of Abousir, in the north of Egypt, archaeologists who were excavating found the entrance to ruins of a mythical nature. It could be one of the four lost temples dedicated to Ra, the sun god.

A temple under a temple

A team of archaeologists in the north, who were excavating a temple of King Nyussere, made a surprising discovery. Under this temple, they may have found the ruins of another, much older temple. It would be a 4,500-year-old temple dedicated to Ra, the sun god.

According to the Express, the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities and Tourism claimed:

The building is accessible through an entrance built of limestone, leading to an area with a paved floor and containing huge blocks of quartz. This find has researchers very excited, as there are not many temples of this kind in Egypt.

Several artefacts were found on site

This archaeological discovery is fascinating, so much so that it feels like an Indiana Jones or an old The Legend of Zelda movie. Especially since inside the ruins, researchersfound several objects, such as ceramic pots and glasses intended to contain beer. In the same release, the tourism board added:

Preliminary studies indicate that the new find may be one of the lost Four Suns dating back to the Fifth Dynasty.

Given the state of the ruins, which were partly destroyed to make way for Nyussere's temple, we hope that they are not rigged with any giant traps or devious snares.

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