Great Gift Ideas For Your 5 Year Wedding Anniversary

You will soon celebrate your 5 years of marriage: the wood wedding anniversary is not far off. We will reveal everything about this wedding anniversary, to help make sure you have an unforgettable day.

How To Make Your 5 Years Of Marriage Memorable

1. 5 years of marriage: After five years, a marriage is as solid as wood. It may sometimes be rough, but small arguments do not get stuck in its bark. On the contrary, the beautiful moments spent together are engraved on it. The sap of these 5 years of marriage is still flowing, with life plans being put in place and others still to come. The wooden wedding anniversary symbolises solidity and growth.

2. How to celebrate: The wooden wedding anniversary should relate back to this natural element. To celebrate this unique occasion, choose a place with a natural atmosphere. You can organise a fun picnic with your friends and family. Those who were there at your wedding will be delighted to celebrate this event with you.

Choose a wooded park with a beautiful patch of grass, where you can all sit comfortably and unfold your picnic blankets. Plus, the children will be able to play. Dress for the occasion with a pretty floral dress for the lady and a linen shirt for the gentleman. In winter, picnics are a bit tricky, so you could either find a restaurant decorated in woody tones, or invite people for a meal in your home.

Whether its a small meal with friends, a romantic dinner for two or a big party with a buffet, order bouquets of branches from your florist and serve all your dishes in wooden dishes to keep to the theme of wood.

3. Gift ideas for your 5 year anniversary: The perfect gift for the wood wedding anniversary is a tree. Why not plant one to celebrate this special anniversary? If you have a garden or a balcony, nothing is easier. All you need is a seed or a cutting. If you live in a flat without outdoor space, how about a bonsai tree?

Otherwise, a beautiful green plant will also have a beautiful effect. You will be able to follow the growth of your plantat in the following years and remember this beautiful moment in your marriage. For a gift to your spouse, a wooden object is appropriate: a small statue, a jewellery box, a piece of jewellery. Try to carve a message of love, a hope for the future, the date or your initials.

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