Gift Ideas For Your Nine Year Wedding Anniversary
Gift Ideas For Your Nine Year Wedding Anniversary

Gift Ideas For Your Nine Year Wedding Anniversary

Wondering what the ninth wedding anniversary is all about? Ohmymag brings you everything you need to know about the celebration of nine years of marriage - the pottery anniversary.

1. Nine years of marriage: Pottery symbolizes your first nine years of marriage. It may seem very fragile and it is true that you have the whole of your lives ahead of you to make your union even stronger.

Pottery vases are also perfect to hold flowers which are often given as a sign of love. Pottery pieces are often covered in delicate and ornamental decorations which are beautiful like your love story. All you have left to do is to take care of each other like you have to take care of pottery.

The clay that serves as the base material for pottery symbolizes everything you have done in the last nine years to make your union as strong as it was on the first day.

2. How to celebrate nine years of marriage:A trip away is ideal to celebrate your pottery anniversary, and what better place than Faenza, an Italian city known for its manufacturing of earthenware pottery. This is the perfect opportunity to spend time just the two of you, away from work and perhaps also any children you have. This second honeymoon will be a lifelong memory and will give you the chance to build further on your already strong relationship.

Since pottery represents the ninth year in a union of love, what could be more romantic than a pottery lesson for two? Whether you jet away or stay local, making pottery could be a wonderful way to get crafty together as well as discover something new, cultural and artistic as a couple. Being together almost a decade doesn't mean that all new things end there, after all.

If your budget or schedule does not allow for a romantic mini-break, book in a restaurant, either luxury, or just something you both like, and enjoy a good meal by candlelight.

A small retrospective evening of your wedding photos and videos with your friends can also be a great idea to celebrate your nine years of marriage.

3. Gift ideas for your ninth anniversary: There are so many different gift ideas for your ninth anniversary. A weekend away as a couple is ideal and if you can book it in advance and take advantage of promotions, it's possible even on a small budget.

Another gift idea for your ninth anniversary is a decorative pottery object: a vase, a sculpture or a dish. Choose a quality piece which looks beautiful, not just a practical everyday object.

If you're thinking flowers, the traditional flower which represents the ninth year of marriage is a vibrant poppy. Gemstones and crystals carry a lot of meaning and are an excellent way to add significance to jewellery that can last a life-time. Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst are traditional symbols of nine years, alongside the poppy and pottery.

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