This man rescues 19 cats and soothes them with music

You won't be able to resist the adorableness! These cats seem to really appreciate their rescuer and the footage is absolutely heart-warming.

Lucky are the stray cats who cross paths with Sarper Duman! This young man saves injured cats from the streets of Istanbul and changes their lives! According to his Patreon page, Duman is currently housing 18 cats in his home.

Duman takes care of his babies, gives them food, and soothes them with music. Yup, you read that right. Take a look for yourself.

Indeed, Duman is not only an animal lover, but also a talented musician. He composes beautiful melodies on the piano for his little feline friends. The cats seem to enjoy it!

On his Instagram account, Duman regularly posts videos of himself playing the piano with cats sitting on his lap, and the footage is too captivating to stop watching! If you don't believe us, just trust the 1.1 million people following him!

The animals seem very receptive to the music and don't hesitate to show their affection. They give him head rubs, close their eyes, touch him with their paws...It's like magic!

Scientists have created the perfect music for cats! Scientists have created the perfect music for cats!