What Can You Do If Your Cat Is Overweight? (DOUBLE)

Excess weight can also be quite unhealthy for your pets. So, here’s what you can do to help your cat get back on track and back to a healthy body weight.

Cat obesity – a real problem

We all know someone who has a chubby or overweight cat who lives only for food and to take naps. But if you think you’re treating your cat right by giving them treats all the time, you’re wrong. Weight issues for cats can be serious because they are associated with various health problems such as heart problems, heart murmurs, joint pains and even digestive problems.

Nowadays, seeing overweight cats isn’t so rare or unusual. A study that was recently published by the insurance company Direct Line revealed that cats and dogs are in fact getting fatter and according to this study, at least one million cat owners have been made aware that their cat is too fat in the last year alone, and this number is rising.

Why is your cat overweight?

There are several reasons why your cat might be overweight:

· Your cat is stressed

· Your cat has a difficult relationship with food (such as because of a stressful past or if they used to be malnourished)

· Your cat has other health problems

· Your cat had been sterilised

· The food you give your cat isn’t suitable for them or you give them too much – a good, balanced diet is also important for your cat

· Your cat just loves to eat

All these factors can vary depending on the gender, race and age of your little feline friend.

What’s the best way to care for an overweight pet?

High-quality nutrition

In order to take good care of your overweight cat, you must provide them with high-quality food. Pay attention to the brand of cat food you buy because it should contain protein and meat. If you’re not sure which cat food is the best, ask your vet to recommend a suitable brand for you.

You should also know that large supermarkets often sell their own types of cat food that aren’t as good quality as other products and won’t provide your pet with all the nutrients they need. You should buy healthier (and more expensive) cat food but don’t worry, your cat will end up eating less of the expensive food than they would of the cheaper stuff, so it works out well.

If your cat’s weight problems persist, you could always try special foods (food specifically for sterilised or overweight cats for example).

If you give your feline friend courgette to eat, your cat will end up becoming fuller quicker and won’t overeat as a consequence.

It all comes down to quantity

If your cat has access to food all day and is gaining weight, then they may be eating too much. You could try only giving them food in the morning and in the evening, but there is the problem that cats do love to nibble on their food all throughout the day.

Make sure that the food you give your cat is measured out correctly and rationed. To do this, you could buy a pet feeder such as the ones available on Amazon for about £100 (as a partner, Ohmymag receives a percentage of all verified purchases made on Amazon).

Don’t spoil your cat with too many treats

Don’t spoil your cat with treats and scraps of your food, they should only eat the food in their bowl. This is because their food is specifically designed for them and contains all the nutrients that they need to stay healthy.

Make sure they get enough exercise

If your cat is lazy, sleeps all day and only crawls out of its bed to eat and do its business, they can gain weight quite quickly. Make sure your cat is moving around enough to burn fat and stay fit. Play with them, buy them exciting toys or maybe even think about getting another cat so the two animals can play with each other.

If your baby doesn’t lose weight despite all this, make an appointment to see your vet who will take a closer look and find a solution.

Check out the video above for a summary of the most important information and facts you need to know.

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