Watch As This Kitten Bravely Confronts A Pack Of Dogs

Are cats not brave? This kitten managed to prove the opposite. It faced a pack of stray dogs that attacked it. The images captured by a security camera surprised thousands of Internet users.

The incredible scene took place on a street in Turkey. A cat was resting on a staircase when a herd of stray dogs appeared. They began sniffing the cat, who did not appreciate being approached that way.

Without a moment's hesitation, the cat rushed over to the six dogs surrounding it and attacked them with its claws. They couldn't dare confront him and ended up fleeing the place as fast as they could.

The least we can say is that this is not just any cat. Steroetypically, cats are usually lazy and fearful animals and when faced with a problem, they prefer to flee. That is why this super feline impressed netizens, who amired it for its demonstration of courage.

In Turkey, cats are very respected and loved animals. The capital of Istanbul is a city full of cats. That's why citizens want to take care of them. Perhaps "Cats in Turkey have supernatural strength," as one Internet user commented.

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