This puppy ‘broke a new record’ after eating something it shouldn’t have

Everyone knows that puppies can be mischievous and will get into trouble as soon as they can. This one puppy broke a record whilst scaring its family.

Puppies are adorable but definitely mischievous when you’re not careful. This one puppy in Derby gave its poor owners a fright after it decided to eat something it shouldn't have. When they took it to the vet, they were in for a surprise.

Daisy the Bichon Frise

The story starts with 12-week-old Bichon Frise, Daisy. Her owners suddenly became worried when they noticed their beloved poochstarted vomiting and refusing to eat. Naturally, the family took Daisy to the vet.

Vet charity, the PDSA, examined Daisy’s stomach and concluded it was causing her pain and suspected there was some kind of blockage, as reported by The Guardian. The vet decided it was best to sedate Daisy and take her for an x-ray.

What the vet found was surprising.

Daisy had eaten pennies

The x-ray had determined that 12-week-old Daisy had eaten a bunch of pennies. In total, she had swallowed 13 x 1ps, three x 5ps, two x 20ps and two x £1coins, making up a total of £2.68.

Daisy’s owner, Ivana from Derby, said:

I couldn’t believe it when PDSA rang to tell me Daisy had swallowed so many coins.
My purse had been missing and we’d searched high and low for it, not thinking it was Daisy who was the culprit who ran off with it.

Daisy underwent emergency surgery to extract the coins. The young pup made a full recovery. Vet nurse Sally Frith, who works at Derby PDSA Pet hospital, said:

Daisy has broken a new record – we couldn’t believe the number of coins she’d managed to eat, especially for such a tiny puppy.

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