This nervous dog is so scared of humans that no one wants to adopt him

Bandit is a lurcher dog who was rescued by the RSPCA and has now spent an entire year without being adopted by anyone.

The eight-year-old lurcher–Bandit—was a tough cookie to crack for RSPCA Great Ayton Animal Centre, in County Durham. When he was rescued from a multi-dog home where his needs were not met, he was so nervous about people that he disliked being touched.

Aversion to humans

The staff at the animal rescue centre confirms that Bandit struggled a lot to adjust to his new life at the centre. The rescue centre adopted a different set of positive reinforcement methods to accustom Bandit to the human touch and now– a year later–he is in a position where he can let the RSPCA staff be around him. However, his new owners need to work on him and give him space and time until he learns to be around them. As such, he will be ideal for an adult-only home.

Bandit has been at the centre for 342 days and would love to find his forever home to snuggle up and enjoy a...

Posted by Rspca - Great Ayton Animal Centre on Monday, March 28, 2022

In addition to humans, this nervous dog is also wary of other dogs around him. While he may be able to walk alongside a calm dog, a dog that jumps or rushes to him is someone he steers clear of at all cost. The animal centre is working on his social skills to make him more adaptable but regardless, his new adopters would have to work hard with this nervous dog and build trust before he can enjoy playtime with them.

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How to deal with a nervous dog?

As loving as dogs can be, some of them can be nervous and anxious around new people and dogs. Bandit, from the RSPCA Great Ayton Animal Centre, is just one of many dogs who go through the anxiety and fear of meeting new people. Or even being around them. So how do you deal with a nervous dog? Here are a few tips that might help you:

Give them time

Time heals everything. Any dog who is on its toes around people is so because of his past trauma. Give your dog some time to open up to you as they learn you’re harmful and just there to love them.

Sound therapy

There are tons of free sounds available that can help your dog calm down and would prove beneficial for both humans and canines.

Positive reinforcement

Training your dogs with treats is a popular method and for all the right reasons. Give them a pat on their back every once in a while when they do something outside their comfort zone.

Dog who spent his entire life in a shelter gets rejected on his adoption day Dog who spent his entire life in a shelter gets rejected on his adoption day