This Is The World's Most Beautiful Horse

Stunning stallion Frederick the Great is an Internet sensation.

This magnificent horse is a Friesian stallion, who answers to the name of Frederick the Great. He's been known on the Internet for several years as possibly the most beautiful horse in the world... I mean, just look at that mane! Frederick was born in 2006 at Pinnacle Friesians Farm in Arkansas, USA.

He was named after the 18th century Prussian King, Frederick the Great. His owner takes meticulous care of him, particularly when it comes to that gorgeous mane, which is braided, brushed and washed regularly. Frederick's owner regularly posts photos of him for his many fans. On Youtube, he's followed by over 10,000 people and his most popular video has more than 5.3 million views! The stallion has recently had a son, who we're sure will charm the Internet just as much as his father has!

Check out the video above to see more of the magnificent Frederick!

These Are The Most Beautiful Horses You Will Ever See These Are The Most Beautiful Horses You Will Ever See