This Dog Became Famous Because Of His Incredible Eyes

This Dog Became Famous Because Of His Incredible Eyes

Maru the Malamute has captured the hearts of internet users everywhere thanks to the fascinating beauty of his distinguished eyes. Check out the video to brighten your day!

You may not have heard of Maru the Malamute just yet, but we're sure you'll want to get to know him. Thankfully this very special dog has his own Instagram account so you can catch a glimpse at his undeniable cuteness at any time of day.

What is most sensational about Maru the Malamute is his incredibly distinguished eyes which are in different colours. When he opens his eyes, you can see that one is pure blue and the other is a lovely brown.

But the cuteness does not stop there! Maru the Malamute's adorable face is shaped in such a way that when he closes his eyes, it looks like he is smiling. He’s going to break your heart, that’s for sure!

Check out the video to see for yourself!

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