This Bird Greets A New Family Member In The Most Incredible Way

This Bird Greets A New Family Member In The Most Incredible Way

Parents bring their newborn home for the first time. As the baby tries to get used to his new environment, the real master of the house joins him on the blanket: a small cockatiel. Suddenly the bird does something that the parents didn't expect.

Whoever claims that dog is man's best friend hasn't yet seen this sweet songbird. In this video, he's joined the new arrival in the family: a baby, a few months old, lying on his blanket on the floor and taking in the new surroundings.

The little bird welcomes the newcomer

The parents film this first encounter between their child and the pet and catch a lovely scene. To greet the baby duly, the parakeet begins to sing.

He whistles a little tune and the baby is blown away by his new feathered friend's song. This is a truly unusual friendship between an animal and a human being.

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The little one keeps looking around and seems completely lost in the melody - totally relaxed. It seems that these lucky parents have already discovered a sure means to calm their child.

Let's hope that the little songbird always trills a song at the right moment.

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