This Baby Kangaroo Refuses To Leave His Caregiver And It's Adorable

Who said that kangaroos don’t have a big heart? We love to share beautiful stories of friendship between humans and animals. So, today’s beautiful story is this: this unfailing bond between this kangaroo and his trainer.

In Australia, kangaroos are very numerous; sometimes, there are so many that they can potentially cause damage. Nevertheless, they are very popular with the local population and are even the subject of attentive care.

Sanctuary for kangaroos

Therefore, on the edge of the city of Alice Springs (located in the north part of the Australian continent), there is even a sanctuary dedicated to kangaroos, and especially to young orphans. The country’s very famous health centre often hosts young animals whose parents have been killed or have died of disease.

A beautiful friendship

And the caregivers are always caring for the animals they are responsible for, sometimes to the point of forming very strong bonds with them.

You don’t believe us? Take a look at the video accompanying this article! We bet you’ll melt at the sight of the unfailing friendship that binds this young kangaroo with the vet who took care of him in the Alice Springs Kangaroo Sanctuary!

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