This Abandoned Dog Came With A Very Sad Note Attached To It's Collar

This Abandoned Dog Came With A Very Sad Note Attached To It's Collar

In Delaware, Texas, animal welfare were shocked to find this completely malnourished dog. And in its collar, they found a dramatic message from its owner.

Sky was found really skinny and malnourished in Texas in the United States after being abandoned by its owner.

They couldn’t take care of her anymore

In Sky’s collar, there was a handwritten message left by the owner that had abandoned her, this note revealed the sad reason why Sky's previous owner was forced to leave her behind.

‘I became homeless and couldn’t feed her.’ In the same note, he wrote an urgent message to whoever found Sky.

‘Please take care of Sky. Please find her a home. Please’ After writing the note with a heavy heart, they had to abandon their dog.

Sky now has enough to eat

Now Sky is doing well. She is living in an animal shelter but has to fully regain her strength before they can start looking for a new owner for her, as Delaware Online reports. Her previous owner can’t be found but we’re sure they’re probably worried about their pet! But maybe they’ve read or heard about her from somewhere and now know that Sky is doing well!

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