They Found A Stray Pitbull... What Happens Next Will Melt Your Heart

They Found A Stray Pitbull... What Happens Next Will Melt Your Heart

A stray pitbull was taken in by the charity Hope for Paws. Since then, her life has completely changed!

Pitbulls often get a bad reputation for being an aggressive and violent breed of dog and the many stories about illegal pitbull fights organised by horrible people do nothing but support this. But as with any breed of dog, all dogs can be sweet, friendly and loyal if they are trained well and in loving homes.

Maisie was a stray pitbull terrier that proves not every dog belonging to this breed is aggressive or violent. She was recently found in an industrial area and rescued by a charity specialised in helping stray animals, Hope For Paws.

The charity was called by the workers of a neighbouring factory where she was found. After searching, her rescuers, Eldad Hagar and Lisa Chiarelli, finally found her hiding spot and managed to lure her out with food. They fed her as soon as they could, but what they wanted more than anything was to find a happy home for her.

Although she was incredibly frightened and it took some time to finally put a leash on her and get the pitbull to come with them, they didn’t give up and finally managed it.

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Maisie is now safe and sound and has since found a new home - check out the video above for the full story!

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