They Couldn't Believe Their Eyes When They Found This In An Abandoned Car Wreck

Animal rights activists in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany would have seen the worst of it when it comes to animal cruelty. But when they came across what seemed like an abandoned car, even the most experienced among them could not believe what they had found...

A camel covered in botox, a dog that was repeatedly kicked and a turtle that was left with a hole in its shell - cruelty against animals knows no bounds. An animal welfare association in Demmin, northern Germany has rescued yet another a dog which was found in a car wreck next to a residential building. It seems that the owners had disappeared whilst the animal was left attached to the steering wheel by a short chain.

An abandoned pet

Speaking in a facebook post, the animal welfare activists described the tragic story of the poor dog that was left behind. However, it seems that several people were already in the know about the cruel environment that this dog was forced to live in. It was reported that the veterinary office had previously been informed about the situation, however they still failed to respond and it was only when the animal welfare team had decided to involve themselves directly, that action was finally taken. When they found the abandoned pup, it was apparent that he was left as he was for several days inside the run-down vehicle. He had severely restricted movement due to the position of the chain and was also found to be living amongst his own excrement. The welfare team took action immediately upon their finding and freed the animal before contacting the veterinary clinic. Once photos were submitted to the veterinary office by the welfare team, the gravity of the situation was reviewed and the abandoned dog was finally sent to the animal shelter for care.

Why did no one respond?

It still remains unclear why the animal was denied rescue for such a prolonged amount of time. The veterinarian involved claims he visited the house, but the owners were absent. Employees from the area informed the welfare activists concerned that the dog used to live in a kitchen cabinet, but later had then been kept in a car that was disassembled. He was later found in another car which appeared to be broken and decrepit.

They Found This Poor Animal Abandoned And Locked In A Cage They Found This Poor Animal Abandoned And Locked In A Cage