These Hybrids Of Very Different Animals Are Real Works Of Art

Animal hybrids are not only good for the imagination of little ones, but they can also expand the imagination of adults. And there’s the added bonus that they’re really cute to look at.

What if a crossover of these two very different animals actually existed? Children might decide they want a Felinguin instead of a normal cat, because not only are a cat’s piercing eyes really cute but watching penguins waddle really is quite amusing as well. A cute thing to think about, don’t you think?

Fascinating creations: animal hybrids

Gyyporma is the Instagram account that came up with the ingenious and highly professional idea to use its new animal creations to keep their 37,000 subscribers happy. Imagination has no limits, and this account provides animal lovers with everything they need.

The artistic creations are thought up by electrical engineer Arne Olav Gurvin Fredriksen from Norway. What started as just a hobby soon became a big hit on Instagram. As soon as he posts his photos, he asks for suggestions on what to name the animal hybrid he has created. From these suggestions, he chooses the one he considers the best, as can be proved by the ingenious name ‘Swama’ –a swan and llama hybrid.

Who hasn’t found themselves swooning over cute, little, snub noses? Rabbits are too cute to watch just hopping about in the wild. So, he decided to put one on a branch crossed with a bird and create the incredibly cute… Burb.

Even a tarantula can become quite cute if you mix it with an owl. The Spowl would certainly make even diehard arachnophobic less afraid of the actual eight-legged creatures.

Those who are fascinated by creative animal hybrids can now even buy them in print form. They can be printed on T-shirts, adorn tote bags and also be purchased as posters from Gyyporama’s online shop. A very original gift for animal lovers.

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