There Could Soon Be A New Cure For Cat Allergies

Are you sick and tired of being allergic to cats? You should know that there could soon be a new solution to put an end to this!

Being allergic to cats is never a walk in the park! But a new remedy could soon be entering the market, let’s explain!

How do you know if you’re allergic to cats?

If your throat becomes scratchy, your nose starts to run, your eyes swell up and itch when you’re around cats… there’s no doubt about it, you have a cat allergy!

Therefore, the solution is normally to keep your environment clean and with as little cat hair as possible and take medication that your doctor has prescribed such as antihistamines. For people who have to regularly be around cats or live with them, there is also the possibility that you could become immune with the help of an allergist.

But eventually, some people are forced to get rid of their cats when they, or a member of their family becomes allergic to them. A tragic and dramatic solution for our feline friends.

A new solution… for your cat!

Up until now, every solution to combat allergies has been focused on humans. But the Daily Mail has reported that scientists have developed a new vaccination for your cat, meaning that anyone could be around them without developing allergies.

The new vaccine is known as HypoCat. It neutralises the Fel-d1 protein in cat fur which is what causes allergic reactions in humans.

As a result, this vaccine reduces the risks of cat owners and their friends and family from developing an allergy and also limits asthma. It is also an excellent solution if you want to keep your cat in the house instead of abandoning it or finding it a new family.

The vaccine should be available within the next three years, we’ll keep you updated!

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