The Most Beautiful Cow Breeds

Take a look at the world's most beautiful breeds of cow from around the globe and tell us what you think!

The Most Beautiful Cow Breeds
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The Most Beautiful Cow Breeds

The Most Beautiful Cow Breeds

1. Rubia Gallega: This cow is from southwest of Spain and it's fur coat can have different shades ranging from blond to red.

2. Aubrac: This breed comes from the Aubrac region in southwestern France. There colour can range from blond to brown.

3. Bazadaise: This unique cow is grey in colour and comes from the south of the Gironde in France.

4. Corriente: This is an American breed and is also known as Criollo. They are primarily used for sports and rodeos.

5. The Belted Galloway: This is a Scottish cow that has a black coat belted with a broad white band.

6. The Northern Blue: This is a French cow with a white spotted grey coat.

7. Lakenvelder: This is a Dutch breed known as Dutch Belted in the United States. It has a black or red coat belted with white.

8. Limousine: This cow is from Limousain in France and its coat is brown.

9. Charolais: This cow comes from Charolles in Burgundy. It is particularly large and has an all-white coat.

10. Texas Longhorn: This American cow is from Texas and has very long horns. This cow is on it's way to extinction.

11. The Maremmana: This is an Italian cattle breed and it's coat is grey silver and it has long half-moon horns.

12. Angus: This is a Scottish breed cow that has a dark red or black coat.

13. Holstein: This international breed has a black coat with white spots.

14. Casta: This cow comes from the Pyrenees and is one of the oldest breeds.

15. Red Deer: This is a breed of cattle that comes from the west of France. Their coat is dark red and it often has white spots on its forehead and legs.