The 6 mistakes vets say every cat owner must stop doing

For your cat's fulfilment, and yours as a master, it is essential not to make these 6 mistakes, according to veterinarians.

What is a cat: a soft, cuddly, sometimes moody ball of fur that keeps you company in good times and bad. Often on your knees while you're watching one of your new Netflix series and always ready to eat the tuna crumbs that have fallen on the kitchen floor, your cat is no cuddly toy. You have to know how to take care of it. This attention given to your four-legged companion also involves its education.

According to veterinarians, and for all of all the goodwill in the world, owners keep on making some specific mistakes. To remedy this, you just have to keep in mind these 6 mistakes that should not be made with your cat and voilà (well, almost!).

Scolding your cat after it did something wrong

There is no need to yell after your pet, they likely won't understand your change in tone. Worse, they might take it as an encouragement. Hey, everyone knows cats are masters at making people bonkers!

Waking him up out of the blue

Would you like it if someone woke you up while you are warm and snuggly in your bed? Well, the same goes with our feline friends. Indeed, just because they sleep on average between 4 and 8pm gives us no right to wake them up on a whim. On the contrary, sleep is in fact a source of longevity for our furry animals (the more they sleep, the more they recover from the bouts of temporary insanity cats are wont to engage in).

Feeding your cat any which way

According to veterinarians, it is important to alternate between solid and soft feed. So, once the bowl of kibble is finished, why not go for a mash worthy of their voracious appetite. Still, be careful: it is advisable to avoid kibble overly rich in cereals. As for kittens or sterilised or neutered animals, go for a diet related to their specific constitution.

One litter box for several cats

His end of the sofa, his window to watch the birds, his bowl… As you will no doubt have noticed, cats are territorial animals. The same goes for when they attend to the call of nature. Cats need a space they can personalise with their own scents.

Do not hesitate to put the litter boxes for your cats in separate places reserved for each one. Just so they can have all the privacy they may require! Just as a reminder, a litter is supposed to be regularly changed for more... olfactory comfort!

Forgetting to take care of your cat's teeth

According to vets, your cat's teeth are sensitive. It should therefore be crucial to preserve them so as to avoid any risk of serious dental infections.

Be careful, you should never use your own toothpaste for this procedure, fluoride can damage your pet's gums. Instead, use special cat toothpaste.

Asking for hugs too often

Remember, your cat is an independent animal that only comes to you for a petting when it feels like it. So no need to force hugs and petting, your cat could bite you to get you stop this overly demonstrative tenderness.

It is important for the owner to understand their animal. If it wants to be left in peace it will likely wag its tail, put its ears back, spit and hiss... or even bat at you with its paws.

It does not mean that this cat does not like its owner. No, they do often thinks of owners as parents, or at least as carers. It's just part of your cat's character, which you must learn to respect!

In fact, to better understand your favourite fur ball's ways of speaking to you, you can give a try to the Meow Talk application which purports to translating your cat's communication attempts!

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