Teenager keeps bee as pet after it followed her home

The thirteen year old girl says the bumblebee has refused to leave her side after she rescued it earlier this month.

A bumble bee (or any insect for that matter) is a most unlikely choice of pet but for a teenage girl in Coventry, she could not have asked for a more loyal fluffy companion.

13-year-old Lacey Shillinglaw noticed the bumblebee lying in the road while walking her dog two weeks ago.

She scooped up the bug and tried to get it out of harm’s way by putting on some flowers.

The bee wanted none of that. According to Lacey, it buzzed its way back to her and crawled over her.

After an hour of futilely trying to shake it off her shoulder, Lacey decided to take it home. The bee—now named Betty—has since refused to leave its human friend.

Lacey with her bee-pal on her neck PA

Unlikely friendship

Betty can always be found perched on Lacey’s shoulder; sleeping on her bedside table; and accompanying her to shops and even to a bowling alley.

The bee was also on a recent family trip.

Lacey, who is based in Coventry, West Midlands, with her family said:

Betty is totally amazing—I’ll remember this forever. I thought she would fly off on the first day but she just never did. I’m so happy and I just love spending my time with her. She’s so fluffy and I love our friendship

Sharing meals

You must be wondering what the teenager feeds her new pet. Well, it turns out, our bee-pal enjoys sharing the middle part of jammy dodgers while Lacey nibbles on the edges.

Some other things she’s been feeding on since joining the Shillinglaw household are sugary water, honey, and strawberry jam, as well as Haribo Tangfastics.

Lacey also takes the bee to the garden to feast on flower nectar, but as soon as she goes back inside, Betty is sure to follow.

Lacey’s mum, Laura Pashley, 35 is baffled by their friendship.

It’s completely lovely and also bonkers.

Betty wanders all over her. including her face, and her glasses, and even in between her toes.She’s on her 90% of the time during the day. It’s so beautiful - just gorgeous.I can’t believe Lacey isn’t scared.
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