[Photos] Gorilla Behaves Weird - Then Staff Notice His Hands

Bobo is a giant gorilla in Mefou Primate Sanctuary who changed his behaviour overnight and the reason shocked his caregivers.

Bobo resides in one of the many Mefou Primate Sanctuary located in the West African nation of Cameroon. He was one of the friendliest apes in the sanctuary and his behaviour changed overnight, creating a worrisome environment amongst the caregivers of the facility.

It's a friendly affair

When Bobo changed his behaviour from loving and nurturing to being cold and detached from others, his caregiver Elissa went deep into the root of it. It initially appeared that he was hiding from everyone. However, after putting Bobo on red alert and analysing him carefully, they observed that he was hiding something. Whatever Bobo was hiding was within his paws all the time.

This giant gorilla started acting weird suddenly, here’s the reason why  Unsplash

After Elissa got close enough to him, she realised it wasn’t something, but rather someone he had been hiding. Eventually, they discovered he had formed an unusual friendship with a galago, commonly known as bushbaby. It isn’t the type of creature that the sanctuary looks after, but Bobo had taken it under his care and treated it like his child.

Unusual friendship

The two displayed a weird affection towards one another and the bushbaby felt very comfortable around Bobo. The bushbaby exhibited no fear of Bobo by roaming around his body and jumping around in an open grassy area before returning to Bobo. Bushbabies are very rare nocturnal creatures, so the two forming a substantial friendship was strange.

The bushbaby might have come into the sanctuary from the nearby forest and soon it became a centre of attention for all the other apes at the centre as well. Amidst all the new attention, Bobo remained its favourite and even Bobo made sure to maintain an appropriate distance between him and the other apes so that he doesn’t get disturbed.

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