Meet The Wild Cat Fanatic Who Shares Her Home With 14 Exotic Felines

This woman is just like any average crazy cat lady - but with a bit of spice...

If there's one person in this world who doesn't shy away from her love for cats, it's 58-year-old Ivana Čákorová. In fact, she took it a little further and decided to share her home with 14 felines - seven of which happen to be a wild breed of cat. And it's safe to say, it truly is wild.

After Ivana found as many furry wild creatures as she had in her home situated at the heart of Prague, she decided she wants to start a new life in the suburbs of the capital city where her furry companions could roam freely around a large, spacious wild cat haven: "This is not my house, it is their house. I bought it and moved out from central Prague so that they could have lots of nice space, a good life, so that they have all they need," she explains humbly.

Want to see what life is like living with 14 exotic felines?

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