He Left His Car For A Minute... And Returned To FInd A Cheeky Intruder

An Australian wine-maker got a funny surprise last week: while he left his car for a few minutes, a mischievous koala took advantage and went inside the vehicle – a meeting which was unexpected but incredibly cute!

In contrast with England, where Spring is only just beginning to show its face, Australia is already experiencing intense heat. While he was parked on the edge of the road, Tim Whitrow, a young wine-maker, had the instinct to leave the air-conditioning running for his dog. While paying a visit to a vineyard, the young man also left the door ajar since there was nobody around. However, an unexpected and very clever guest took advantage…

A furry guest

Upon returning from his visit, Tim Whitrow was a few metres from his car when he noticed that his dog was no longer alone inside. Worried, he rushed over and found...a koala, comfortably sat on the back seat, accompanied by the dog!

The animal, which had certainly come out of curiosity, might have wanted to benefit from the reduced temperature inside the vehicle. Surprised but delighted, Tim offered it some water, and tried to make it leave the car without hurrying it.

The koala, who seemed to appreciate this new air-conditioned playground, didn’t want to leave…but ended up leaving the vehicle after a few minutes.

The video posted by Tim Whitrow on his Facebook profile had a lot of success: it’s been viewed over 100,000 times! This unusual visit will be ingrained in the wine-maker’s memory for a long time.

Watch our video above to see the mischievous koala!

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