This Prosecco Trailer Is Exactly What Everyone Needs

This Prosecco Trailer Is Exactly What Everyone Needs

This little gem is what everyone wants in their garden during party season. The Bubble Tap Trailer is a mobile trailer filled with litres of Prosecco – perfect for those nights to remember!

Forget the magnums of champagne and the dozens of filled bottles all over the tables. Today, we have a new trend – the Prosecco trailer.

And what could be any more original yet classy than this?

In the same way that beer is served on tap, you can get your bubbles at your heart’s desire with the Bubble Tap Trailer, just as its name suggests.

The Bubble Tap Trailer is a product of a family collaboration proposed by sisters, Jennifer Disotell, former fashion editor, and Nicole Disotell, former social media expert, who have both worked towards developing as business women.

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Aside from being the prime evening accessory, everyone would agree that it is the perfect embellishment for all your Instagram photos.

But what’s even more, is that it remains environmentally friendly as it works to avoid the use of bottles and, in turn, avoid wasting Prosecco.

So far, The Bubble Tap Trailer only runs within the United States, however there is serious talk of expanding this marvellous creation over to Europe!


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