These 5 Cocktails Are Perfect For A Weekend Brunch

Looking to change up from your usual coffee? Here are five cocktails that’ll go perfectly with your brunch.

What’s any weekend without an amazing brunch? While many opt to drink a tea or coffee on the side, we’re pulling together a list of some of the best cocktails to jazz up everyone’s favorite mid-morning meal. Here’s five of our top picks:

1. Mimosa:

A brunch classic made of orange juice and champagne. Simple, efficient, delicious.

2. Bellini

Another champagne cocktail, but this time with peach! Bellinis are concocted with either peach juice or peach purée, according to its maker’s preference. We adore it.

3. Bloody Mary

This famous vodka-and-tomato-juice cocktail has a delicious savoury flavor. It’s an ideal match for a brunch of eggs, bacon, or a bagel with lox.

4. Spritz

This delightful summer drink goes perfectly with any brunch. It’s a great way to add a spark of sunlight to the table…

5. Smoothies

With smoothies, it’s all up to you! Banana, orange, mango, raspberry, kiwi… the mix of fruit is your call. After that, all you have to do is add a splash of vodka for an alcoholic twist. Impossible to be anything but delicious.

Check out the video above for more top boozy brunch tips!

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