This Map Will Tell You THE Best Thing To Do In Each Country In The World

This Map Will Tell You THE Best Thing To Do In Each Country In The World

We know the ultimate place to be in every country in the world. The world has so much to offer yet when you go on a trip; it’s actually pretty tough trying to decide the best places to visit. This is true, whatever the destination but thanks to Trip Advisor, we now know the best things to do or the best places to see in every country.

The Details

Sites like Trip Advisor are known for their worldwide knowledge and information on places of interest, hotels and restaurants. But Vouchercloud have now taken it one step further. They have compiled a list of the best places to go in each country. Using Trip Advisor’s “Things to do” rankings, they have detailed the favourite place to be in each country, as voted for by their users.

1. Results in numbers: As a result of this vote, the site has revealed that ‘most destinations around the world are in fact, natural wonders”, closely followed by places of historical interest.  To put that into numbers,’ in 197 countries across the world, there are 76 natural attractions, 54 historic attractions, 38 generic tourist attractions and 29 religious attractions’.

2. Surprise entries: But while some of the top attractions may seem a little obvious, like Machu Picchu in Peru or Niagara Falls in Canada, others are a little more surprising.  For example, out of all the top attractions that the United States has to offer, Central Park was ranked the best activity.

In any case, you can now find out the best thing to do on your next international adventure.

• Emma Jensen
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