How To Get Your Nails To Appear Longer

How To Get Your Nails To Appear Longer

Stop wearing fake nails ladies because we've found a great technique that will give you the impression of having longer nails instantly. Plus, this great advice was provided straight from the catwalk. 

How To Make Your Nails Appear Longer 

1. As seen on the runway: Nail contouring appeared at Vera Wang's show during New York Fashion Week. Jin Soon Choi, the show's manicurist, created a minimalist but original look in two tones - one nude and one red and black. The trick is to apply a strip of varnish in the center of the nail without painting the sides, to give the impression of a longer length. For Vera Wang, Jin Soon Choi finished the look with an ultra-chic matte topcoat.

2. Nail contouring at home: Anyone can do this super simple technique but it does require precision since the strip must be painted on very neatly and completely straight. An alternative is to put a strip of colourful varnish on top of a white base to give it the impression of a longer and healthier nail. Just remember, precision is key!

• Emma Jensen
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